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Integrated Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality Policy Statement

SEQ Safety Consulting Ltd & FSS Ltd is committed to managing Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental matters as an integral part of our business activities. Our policy is to excel in all aspects of Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental   across all operating divisions.      This includes our management of employees and sub-contractors, communication with our customers and interaction with the general public who come into contact with our business. In order to achieve this, SEQ Safety Consulting Ltd & FSS Ltd will adhere to the following principles:

• We will ensure compliance with legislative requirements, standards and codes of practice through the implementation of ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015.

• We will develop and maintain a positive Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality orientated culture both within the company and with external organisations, including customers and suppliers, through communication, partnership and learning activities in line with our commitment to fulfilling the requirements of our Integrated ISO management system requirements.

• We will implement and maintain appropriate systems and procedures to prevent activities or actions that pose a threat to human health and safety, prevent accident or ill health and prevent damage to the natural environment or have a negative impact on the quality of goods and services provided to our customers.

• We will ensure that system s for identifying, assessing, eliminating and controlling risks to which employees, other persons and the environment may be exposed are established, implemented and adhered to.

• We will review customers’ requirements and contract specifications in order to deliver a service which meets and exceeds our customers’ needs and expectations.

• We will evaluate and select suppliers of goods and services based on their ability to assist us in achieving our objectives set out in this HSEQ policy.

• We will strive to ensure that our operations minimise waste and prevent emissions or pollution that may cause harm to persons or the environment. Hazardous waste will be managed, treated and disposed of in accordance with best practice.

• We will minimise energy use and waste generation by promoting a culture of ‘Reuse, Reduce, Recycle’ and through the identification and sourcing of alternative materials and processes.

• We will provide materials, plant and equipment to ensure compliance with our Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality Policy and procedures.

• We will pursue the continuous development and improvement of our Business Management System through constant performance evaluation based on the setting of SMART objectives, measured through reactive and pro-active monitoring.

• We will foster an ethos of transparency and dialogue with our customers, employees, sub-contractors and the general public by the communication of this Policy and the implementation of our Business Management System procedures.


Richard Lennon


SEQ / FSSL Integrated HSQE Policy Statement

Doc Reference: IHSQE_1

Rev. 04

Issue: June 2024

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